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Badass Ravi Kumar (2024) Bollywood Movie Reviews

The Xpose franchise is back, and this time it’s taking things up a notch! Himesh Reshammiya, the man behind the iconic character Ravi Kumar, is back in action. In the upcoming Bollywood movie Badass Ravi Kumar, he faces off against not one, not two, but ten sensational villains. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride filled with drama, music, and entertainment.

Release DateOct, 2024
DirectorHimesh Reshammiya
MusicHimesh Reshammiya
CastHimesh Reshammiya, Prabhu Deva

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Prabhu Deva: The dancing sensation takes on the role of the antagonist, adding his signature flair to the character.

Himesh Reshammiya: Returning as Ravi Kumar, Himesh brings his charisma and musical talent to the screen.

The story picks up from where The Xpose left off. Ravi Kumar, the once-famous singer, is now a legend. But fame comes with a price. As he battles his inner demons, he finds himself facing a new challenge: a formidable group of villains who threaten everything he holds dear.

  • Budget: The movie is made on an overall budget of Rs. 15 Crore. This includes Rs. 2.5 crores for print and advertising and the remaining Rs. 12.5 crores for production.
  • Box Office: While the exact figures are yet to be revealed, the buzz around Badass Ravi Kumar suggests that it’s poised to be a hit venture.

Badass Ravi Kumar promises to be a treat for fans of action, music, and drama. With Himesh Reshammiya at the helm, get ready for a larger-than-life experience that will leave you humming the tunes long after the credits roll.



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