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Banjara (2024) Telugu Movie Reviews

In the heart of the picturesque Telugu film industry, “Banjara” weaves a captivating tale of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery. Directed by visionary filmmaker Ravi Kumar, this cinematic gem promises to leave audiences spellbound.

Release DateDec 2024
MusicGhantadi Krishna
CastTwinkle Kapoor, Amrutha

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The film boasts an ensemble cast, with each actor delivering a stellar performance:

  1. Rajeev (Teja Sajja): Our brooding protagonist, a wanderer with a mysterious past.
  2. Meera (Amritha Aiyer): The spirited village girl who captures Rajeev’s heart.
  3. Lakshmi (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar): A wise elder who holds the key to Rajeev’s destiny.
  4. Inspector Raghav (Samuthirakani): The relentless cop determined to uncover Rajeev’s secrets.

Set against the rugged landscapes of rural Andhra Pradesh, “Banjara” follows Rajeev’s journey from a troubled past to a hopeful future. His life takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon a hidden treasure—a cache of old letters that reveal a forbidden love story from decades ago.

As Rajeev delves deeper into the letters, he discovers the tragic tale of Veerabhadra and Anjali. Their love was forbidden by societal norms, and their paths diverged due to family pressures. But their love endured, leaving behind echoes of longing and regret.

“Banjara” has struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Its box office collection stands at an impressive ₹330 crore. The film’s budget was a substantial ₹200 crore. The investment paid off, as viewers flocked to theaters, drawn by the film’s emotional depth and stunning visuals.

The film draws inspiration from Henry David Thoreau’s philosophy of self-reliance and communion with nature. Just as Thoreau sought solace in the woods, Rajeev embarks on a soul-searching journey through the rugged hills, seeking answers and redemption.



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