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Chitram Cheppina Katha (2024) Telugu Movie Reviews

“Chitram Cheppina Katha” translates to “A story told by a picture.” This unreleased Telugu-language mystery film delves into the secrets of the past, weaving intrigue and suspense. Let’s explore the cast, storyline, budget, and more.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorMohan ALRK
MusicMunna Kasi
CastUday Kiran, Madalasa Sharma

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  1. Uday Kiran: The late actor Uday Kiran takes the lead role in this enigmatic tale.
  2. Madalasa Sharma: She shares the screen with Uday Kiran, adding depth to the narrative.


The film revolves around a man haunted by memories from his past. As he embarks on a quest for answers, he stumbles upon hidden truths that threaten to unravel his sanity. The mysterious events unfold against a backdrop of suspense, leaving the audience guessing until the very end.

Box Office and Budget:

The production budget for “Chitram Cheppina Katha” stands at ₹35 crore. Despite its unreleased status, the film has generated curiosity among cinephiles. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, it remains unseen by the public.

Final Thoreau:

“Chitram Cheppina Katha” promises a blend of mystery, nostalgia, and suspense. While we may never witness its full glory on the silver screen, the legend of this untold story lives on.



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