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Police Vari Hecharika 2024

Director Karthik Gattamneni weaves a gripping narrative, balancing heart-pounding action with emotional depth. The film’s background score and soundtrack, composed by Davzand, enhance the tension and drama. Gattamneni himself handles the cinematography and editing, ensuring a seamless visual experience.

Release DateMay, 2024
DirectorK P Rajendra
ProducerMahesh Koneru
CastNaga Shourya

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Ravi Teja as Sahadev Varma (“Eagle”): His portrayal of the enigmatic assassin is both fierce and vulnerable.

Kavya Thapar as Rachana: A pivotal character entangled in Sahadev’s web.

Anupama Parameswaran as Nalini: The intrepid journalist determined to expose the truth.

Navdeep as Jai: Sahadev’s loyal friend and associate.


The film revolves around Sahadev Varma, alias “Eagle”, a notorious professional assassin. His mission? To dismantle the illegal arms trade. But here’s the twist: he does it undercover, disguised as a humble cotton farmer in the picturesque town of Talakona. Sahadev intercepts every illicit arms transaction, ensuring justice prevails.

Enter Nalini, a tenacious journalist. She stumbles upon Sahadev’s rare cotton, which has an unexpected demand in foreign markets. Her investigative report catches the attention of RAW agents, leading her down a rabbit hole of secrets. As she unravels Sahadev’s past, she discovers the man behind the assassin’s mask.

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