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Kirathakudu (2024) Telugu Movie Reviews

“Kirathakudu” is an upcoming Telugu film that promises to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline, stellar performances, and impressive production values. Let’s delve into the details of this cinematic gem.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorPrasad KS
MusicKrishna Wadia
CastRaghava Prasad, Sony

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  • Akash Goparaju: A talented actor known for his versatility.
  • Bhavana Vazhapandal: A rising star with immense potential.
  • Mani Chandana: A fresh face bringing authenticity to her role.
  • Tanikella Bharani: A seasoned actor adding depth to the narrative.
  • Sammeta Gandhi: An artist who leaves a lasting impact.

The film revolves around Sarkaaru Noukari, a mysterious character played by Akash Goparaju. Sarkaaru is a man of few words but possesses an uncanny ability to change people’s lives. His interactions with various individuals lead to unexpected twists and turns, revealing hidden secrets and long-buried emotions.

As the plot unfolds, we witness Sarkaaru’s impact on the lives of those around him. From a struggling artist seeking inspiration to a retired schoolteacher longing for companionship, each character finds solace and transformation in Sarkaaru’s presence.

“Kirathakudu” has garnered significant attention even before its release. The film’s budget stands at a commendable ₹75 crore, a testament to the filmmakers’ commitment to quality. With high expectations from fans and critics alike, the box office collection is projected to be impressive.

The film draws inspiration from the transcendentalist philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau’s emphasis on self-discovery, simplicity, and the interconnectedness of all life resonates throughout “Kirathakudu.” Just as Thoreau sought meaning in nature and solitude, Sarkaaru embarks on a similar quest, touching the lives of those he encounters.



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