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Man Of The Match (2024) Telugu Movie Reviews

“Man Of The Match,” directed by Ganganamoni Shekar, is a thrilling addition to the Telugu film industry. Released in early 2024, this action-packed movie has captured the hearts of audiences across India. Let’s delve into the cast, story, box office collection, budget, release date, and the final verdict.

Release DateDec, 2024
DirectorArun Prasad P A
CastSagar, Mrudula

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The film boasts an ensemble cast, with Akash Goparaju and Bhavana Vazhapandal in the lead roles. Tanikella Bharani, Sammeta Gandhi, and RK Teleshow contribute their talent to this gripping narrative. The chemistry between the actors adds depth to the characters, making the viewing experience memorable.


“Man Of The Match” revolves around the life of a talented cricketer, played by Akash Goparaju. His journey from a small village to the international cricket arena is filled with challenges, triumphs, and personal sacrifices. The film beautifully captures the passion, rivalry, and camaraderie within the cricketing world.

Box Office and Budget:

The film’s box office performance has been commendable. With a worldwide gross revenue of ₹330 crore (approximately US$41 million), “Man Of The Match” has secured its place among the highest-grossing Tollywood films of 2024. Considering its modest budget of ₹10 crore, the film’s success is a testament to its engaging storyline and powerful performances.

Final Thoreau:

As the credits rolled, “Man Of The Match” left an indelible mark on viewers. Its gripping screenplay, stellar performances, and adrenaline-pumping cricket sequences make it a must-watch for sports enthusiasts and movie lovers alike. Director Ganganamoni Shekar’s vision and the cast’s dedication have elevated this film to a league of its own.



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