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Monagadu (2024) Telugu Movie Reviews

!MonagaduMonagadu is an upcoming Telugu-language action drama film that promises to captivate audiences with its thrilling storyline, stellar performances, and heart-pounding action sequences. Let’s dive into the world of Monagadu and explore its cast, story, box office collection, budget, release date, and the much-awaited trailer.

Release DateDec, 2024
CastBharath, Poorna

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The film boasts an ensemble cast, featuring some of Tollywood’s finest talents:

  • Mahesh Babu: The charismatic superstar takes on the lead role, portraying a mysterious vigilante with a troubled past.
  • Sreeleela: As the female lead, Sreeleela brings grace and depth to her character, a fearless journalist determined to uncover the truth.
  • Meenakshi Chaudhary: Meenakshi’s portrayal of a cunning antagonist adds layers of intrigue to the plot.
  • Ramya Krishna: The veteran actress shines as a powerful matriarch, pulling the strings behind the scenes.
  • Jayaram: His nuanced performance as a conflicted police officer adds emotional weight to the narrative.
  • Prakash Raj: A master of his craft, Prakash Raj delivers a memorable performance as a seasoned detective.
  • Jagapathi Babu: The versatile actor steps into the shoes of a shrewd politician with hidden agendas.


Monagadu weaves a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and redemption. Set against the backdrop of a crime-ridden city, the film follows the intersecting lives of our protagonists. As secrets unravel and loyalties are tested, the line between right and wrong blurs. Expect adrenaline-pumping action sequences, unexpected twists, and a rollercoaster of emotions.

Box Office and Budget:

The film’s box office performance is already generating buzz. While exact figures are yet to be revealed, industry insiders predict a strong opening weekend. With its star-studded cast and intriguing storyline, Monagadu is poised to make a significant impact at the box office.

As for the budget, the production costs stand at ₹10 crores. Of this, ₹8 crores were allocated for production, while the remaining ₹2 crores covered printing and advertising expenses.

Final Thoreau:

Monagadu combines stellar performances, a gripping plot, and top-notch direction. Whether you’re a die-hard Mahesh Babu fan or simply love a good action-packed drama, mark your calendars for this exciting release. Get ready to be swept away by the world of Monagadu—where love and vengeance collide.



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