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Rosham (2024) Telugu Movie Reviews

“Rosham,” directed by visionary filmmaker Ganganamoni Shekar, is a captivating Telugu-language film that weaves together drama, action, and emotion. Set against a backdrop of political intrigue and personal struggles, this movie takes audiences on an unforgettable ride.

Release DateOct, 2024
MusicJohan Solomon
CastSri Krishna, Mamtha

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The film boasts an ensemble cast, featuring some of Tollywood’s finest talents:

  • Akash Goparaju: As the determined protagonist, Akash brings depth and intensity to his role.
  • Bhavana Vazhapandal: Her expressive eyes and nuanced performance leave a lasting impact.
  • Mani Chandana: A revelation in her character, Mani adds layers of vulnerability.
  • Tanikella Bharani: The seasoned actor lends gravitas to pivotal scenes.
  • Sammeta Gandhi: His charisma and screen presence elevate the narrative.
  • RK Teleshow: A talented supporting cast complements the lead actors.

“Rosham” revolves around Sarkaaru Noukari, a common man who unexpectedly finds himself embroiled in a web of political conspiracies. His journey takes him from the dusty streets of a small town to the corridors of power. Along the way, he discovers hidden truths, faces betrayal, and fights for justice.

The film masterfully blends suspense, emotion, and adrenaline-pumping action sequences. As Sarkaaru Noukari unravels the mysteries, viewers are drawn into a gripping narrative that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

“Rosham” has made a significant impact at the box office. With a worldwide gross of ₹330 crore (approximately US$41 million), it stands tall among the highest-grossing Tollywood films of 2024. The film’s success is a testament to its engaging storyline and stellar performances.

Regarding the budget, the production costs were meticulously managed. The film’s visual grandeur and technical finesse belie its modest budget, making it a commendable achievement.

“Rosham” transcends genres, leaving an indelible mark on viewers. Its powerful storytelling, stellar performances, and unexpected twists make it a must-watch for cinephiles. As the credits roll, we’re left pondering the complexities of life, politics, and human resilience.



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