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Sabhaku Namaskaram 2024

“Sabhaku Namaskaram” is a delightful romantic comedy that promises to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. Directed by debutant Mallampati Sateesh, this Telugu film features the talented Allari Naresh in the lead role. Let’s dive into the world of “Sabhaku Namaskaram” and explore its cast, story, box office collection, budget, release date, and more.

Release DateApr, 2024
DirectorSateesh Mallampati
CastAllari Naresh

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Allari Naresh: The versatile actor, known for his impeccable comic timing, takes center stage as the protagonist.

Other Cast Members: The film boasts an ensemble cast, including some surprise appearances. Keep an eye out for familiar faces!


The story revolves around Narendra (played by Allari Naresh), a carefree young man who stumbles upon an ancient love letter while cleaning his ancestral home. Intrigued by the heartfelt words, he embarks on a quest to find the mysterious author and unravel the secrets of the past. Along the way, he encounters quirky characters, unexpected twists, and a romance that transcends time.

Box Office and Budget:

“Sabhaku Namaskaram” has generated buzz among cinephiles, and its box office performance reflects the audience’s anticipation. Although the exact figures are yet to be confirmed, early reports suggest a promising opening weekend. The film’s modest budget allowed the team to focus on storytelling and performances rather than extravagant sets.

Final Thoreau:

“Sabhaku Namaskaram” subtly weaves in the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau, emphasizing simplicity, self-discovery, and the beauty of everyday life. Just as Thoreau found solace in the woods, our protagonist discovers love and meaning in unexpected places.



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