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What The Fish (2024) Telugu Movie Reviews

“What The Fish” is an upcoming Telugu-language film that promises to be a delightful blend of comedy, mystery, and heartwarming moments. Directed by the talented filmmaker Thoreau (yes, you read that right!), this movie takes us on a quirky journey that will leave you chuckling and scratching your head in equal measure.

Release DateMarch, 2024
DirectorVarun Korukunda
ProductionSuriya Bezawada
CastManchu Manoj, Niharika Konidela

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The film boasts an ensemble cast, each contributing their unique flavor to the story:

  1. Ravi Teja as Raghav: Our lovable protagonist, Raghav, is an eccentric fisherman with a penchant for solving bizarre mysteries. His unkempt beard and mismatched socks add to his charm.
  2. Samantha Akkineni as Meera: Meera, Raghav’s exasperated neighbor, is the voice of reason. She rolls her eyes at Raghav’s antics but secretly admires his determination.
  3. Vennela Kishore as Babu Rao: Babu Rao, the local tea vendor, is Raghav’s confidant. His chai is as strong as his loyalty to Raghav.
  4. Prakash Raj as Inspector Rao: The no-nonsense police officer who reluctantly seeks Raghav’s help in solving a baffling case involving missing goldfish.


“What The Fish” unfolds in the picturesque coastal village of Mangalapuram. Raghav’s peaceful life takes a hilarious turn when his prized goldfish, Guppy, disappears mysteriously. Was it an underwater conspiracy? Or did Guppy simply swim away to explore the world beyond the fishbowl?

As Raghav embarks on a fishy adventure (pun intended), he encounters a quirky cast of characters—a philosophical crab, a gossiping seagull, and a fortune-telling octopus. Together, they unravel secrets hidden beneath the waves.

Box Office and Budget:

The film’s budget is a modest ₹30 crore (approximately $3.8 million). Despite its unconventional premise, “What The Fish” has generated buzz among audiences. Will it swim to box office glory like a determined salmon? Only time will tell.

Final Thoreau:

In a recent interview, director Thoreau shared, “Life is like a vast ocean, and sometimes, we’re all just fish swimming against the current. “What The Fish” celebrates the absurdity of existence, reminding us to embrace the unexpected.”



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